Validation of techniques and methods for the impregnation of homeopathic globules.

  • Tatiana Leme Araújo UNIMEP
  • José Luís Mazzi UNIMEP
  • Marco Vinícius Chaud UNIMEP
  • Márcia Ap. Gutierrez ABFH
  • Olney Leite Fontes UNIMEP
Keywords: Homeopathic globules, impregnation of globules, homeopathic pharmacotechnique.


In Brazil, globules are by far the most prescribed homeopathic pharmaceutical solid form intended for internal use. In the specialized pharmaceutical literature, different proposals are found for the preparation of homeopathic medicines in the form of globules, although there aren’t detailed references for validating pharmacological procedures. The principal objective of this study is to propose subsidies for validating techniques and methods used in the impregnation of globules. At first, we prepared coloring solutions in different concentrations to reach densities which are similar to those of the homeopathic dilutions (controls). Using coloring solutions previously chosen, single impregnations at 2% (V/w) and 5% (V/w) and the triple impregnation at 10% (V/w) were performed in inert globules of numbers 3 and 7, with 70% ethanol (w/w) and 90% ethanol (w/w) to validate methods and techniques of impregnation.

Pharmaceutical Research