Use of diluted glycerine and 70% alcohol as inert vehicles in the preparation of isotherapics from supurated secretions.

  • Maria Graça Bachetti Vervloet FAFABES
  • Carlos Henrique P. M. Silva Lab. de Análises Clínicas Dr. Marcos Daniel.
  • Clóvis Aurélio Vervloet Farmácia Homeopática Renaissance.
  • Pryce E. Brandão Faculdade de Farmácia e Bioquimica do Esp. Santo.
Keywords: High Dilution, Homeopathy, Isopathy, Dynamization


Tests were made in order to observe the behavior of microorganisms in purulent secretions, when in contact to diluted glycerin and alcohol 70% (p/p), in isotherapic preparations. The isotherapics were prepared by Hahnemannian method until 12CH, starting from the suspension of purulent secretions in diluted glycerin, with standardized turbidity (Grade 3 on Mac Farland Scale).Three batteries of tests were prepared: I) All the dynamizations using as inert substance diluted glycerin; II) All the dynamizations using as inert substance alcohol 70% (p/p); III) dynamizations from 1 to 3CH – diluted glycerin and from 4 to 12CH – alcohol 70% (p/p). Afterwards it was used the technique of quantitative sowing to verify the antibacterial action of these inert substances.In the ten researched samples it was observed the following results: Battery I – There was bacterial growing until 5CH; beginning with 6 CH the cultures were negative; Battery II – There was growing until 3CH; beginning with 4CH the cultures were negative; Battery III – any growing was observed.The results obtained reveal the innocuity of diluted glycerin over microorganisms in dynamized purulent secretions, because the bacterial growing didn’t occur only when the concentration of 0,003 UFC/ml was surpassed. On the other hand, they confirm the antibacterial action of alcohol 70% (p/p) on the technique of isotherapic preparation beginning with live microorganisms, once the same were kept viable in the third first dynamizations and destroyed in the following.

Pharmaceutical Research