Hering's Law revisited.

  • Elisa Tatiana Poltronieri Escola de Homeopatia
  • Maria José Ricardo Oliveira Escola de Homeopatia
  • Maria Tereza Albulquerque Oliveira Escola de Homeopatia
Keywords: Hering’s Law, Hering, Kent, Saine, Quantitative, Analysis


“Hering’s Law” is a classic component of unicist Homeopathy of the Kentian tradition. This law would have been suggested by Hering and established by Kent. Canadian homeopath André Saine, through extensive bibliographical research, questions this alleged “law” existence. Yet, he doesn’t supply significant empirical support to his hypothesis. Authors conducted quantitative research in actual patients labeled as “healed”. Preliminary results show that positive clinical outcomes weren’t ruled by “Hering’s Law”. Authors hold that this kind of research is necessary in order to replace the inherited tradition with intersubjectively validated knowledge as contemporary scientific patterns demand.

Clinical Research