Profile of pediatric patients at Instituto de Cultura Homeopática.

  • Mirian Corréa Ferreira Instituro de Cultura Homeopática
  • Eliane Chagas Instituto de Cultura Homeopática
  • Maria Inés F. Vannucchi Instituto de Cultura Homeopática
Keywords: Homeopathy, Teaching clinic, Profile of pediatric patients


This paper presents the results of a study aiming to establish the profile of pediatric patients under treatment at the Instituto de Cultura Homeopática (ICEH) between 2002 and 2004 in order to show the expressivity of this population. Data taken into account were: age; gender; referral; geographical distribution; number of follow-up consultations/year; number of drop-outs and clinical diagnosis. The results were compared to similar data in general homeopathic and pediatric outpatient non homeopathic clinics.

Sociological Research