Comparative study of the dynamic effect of different doses of Arsenicum album 6cH in rats intoxicated with arsenic.

  • Olney Leite Fontes UNIMEP
  • Marco Vinícios Chaud UNIMEP
  • Maria Izalina Ferreira Alves UNIMEP
  • Márcia Aparecida Gutierrez APH
  • Fernanda Pasin Foltran UNIMEP
  • Gabriel Gustinelli Arantes Carvalho UNIMEP
Keywords: Dose in Homeopathy, Arsenic, Arsenic Album 6CH


The notion of dose in homeopathy is not unanimous. Some authors consider that the therapeutic action of the homeopathic medication ccurs qualitatively and dynamically. However, others emphasize the importance of the amount of homeopathic medication administered. This study had as a purpose to evaluate the effect of different doses of Arsenicum album 6CH in mice intoxicated with sodium arseniate (16,8 mg As/kg) and soon after treated (p.o) with Arsenicum album 6CH, in 2, 5 and 10 drops doses. Arsenic eliminated through urine, was quantified by atomic absorption spectroscopy. After 30-day treatment with Arsenicum album 6CH, total amount of eliminated As was similar in groups treated with 2,5 e 10 drops.

Basic Research (Biology)