Profile of homeopathic-manipulation pharmacies of the states of Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro: questionnaire to evaluate techniques for impregnation of globules.

  • Mariana Santos Pinheiro UFRJ
  • Sheila Garcia UFRJ
Keywords: Globules, homeopthic pharmacotechnics, impregnation


In Brazil, the reference for the preparation of homeopathic remedies is Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, recognized by the Brazilian Board of Health. The Manual of Technical Norms for homeopathic pharmacy (MNT) is a publication of the Brazilian Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (ABFH) and comprises all actualizations and corrections concerning homeopathicpharmacotechnics to attend the homeopathic pharmacists' needs. The present paper presents the results of a research conducted among homeopathic pharmacies in the states of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, concerning the impregnation of globules, using a questionnaire with direct and specific questions. It was concluded that pharmacies tend to comply with procedures described in MNT 3rd edition.

Pharmaceutical Research