New notions on water and possibilities of application

  • Maria Eugénia Garcia Porto Centro Universitário de Espírito Santo do Pinhal-UNIPinhal
Keywords: Magnetic field, clusters, diluted solutions.


In earlier times, some researchers who studied magnetic field effects related them to a psychic power influencing different systems.However, over the last decades it was realized that the alterations observed on these systems are due to the presence of water. Among the different processes that can alter the behavior of liquid water there are the action of magnetic fields and the successive dilution process of aqueous solutions. There are many evidences that the properties of magnetically treated water are different from the ones of untreated water. This fact is usually attributed to the weakness or breaking of intermolecular interactions (hydrogen-bond). It is observed that diluted solutions, prepared by dinamization process, absorbe UV light in a concentration range where the solute is no longer detected by spectrometry, which indicates a probable absorption by rearranged solvent after dinamization process.

Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)