Quality certificates for homeopathic matrices

  • Virginia Teresa Cegalla ABFH, HNCristiano
  • Amarilys de Toledo Cesar
Keywords: homeopathic pharmacy, quality, homeopathy


Background: To produce homeopathic medicines, pharmacies need raw materials (mother tinctures and diluted-agitated solutions, named “matricesâ€ÂÂ), provided by insumes suppliers. The “matrices†are ultra high dilutions and can not be tested against Analysis Reports. Aims: to propose alternatives to the matrices Analysis Report; to contribute to the quality of homeopathic medicines and treatment. Method: search of information present in the documentation provided from 2 national and 3 European suppliers in order to develop criteria. Discussion: the needed concepts for compliance with the orders throughout their production process were presented. The control of information involved in the process allows to trace the production of matrices, providing an indication of the quality with which they were obtained. Each supplier gives different approach to issuing a document, calling it Certificate of Conformity Protocol Preparation, Manufacturing Certificate or Quality Certificate. Summarizing, it is a supplier's declaration, which involves the quality control of raw materials, packaging materials and of the process used, but not a report that enables customers to repeat the analysis. A model was proposed for a Certificate of Quality, with the minimum information needed to indicate to the pharmacies that there is a control of the process. This certificate shall contain statements about the process. Conclusion: Quality Certificate seems to be the best document to ensure the pharmacy that the matrix obtained presents characteristics compatible with the preparation of a quality homeopathic medicine.