• Carlos Renato Zacharias UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista
Keywords: Editorial


To create a scientific journal seems to be an easy task! Accordingly some estimations [1], humankind has already published more than 50 million scientific articles from the earliest of times to this day! Considering a more recent period, we are publishing around 1.3 articles every minute and some estimations point to 25,000 active journal titles! Numbers do not lie, but misguided interpretations may lead us to false conclusions! ... ... Thus, this issue of IJHDR brings to its readers rich materials to stimulate serious discussions about HDs. It is a small, but representative sample of the diversity inherent to this subject. Both IJHDR and the HD scientific community are undergoing a process of growth aiming at attaining a higher status among their peers. This process might not yet translate into “statistically significant†results, but the tendency is already visible! Enjoy IJHDR!