Wave aspects of the homeopathic phenomenon

  • Anatolii Komissarenko
Keywords: wave characteristics, coherence, resonance.


Our long-term theoretical and practical studies of the phenomenon of homeopathy enabled us to explain the mechanisms of the effect of ultrahigh dilutions of medications on the body. Using remedies in ultrahigh dilutions according to the method of S. Hahnemann (potentiation) is one of the fundamental characteristics of homeopathy. Medical practice confirms efficiency of potentiated remedies that lack even single molecules of the diluted substance. Studies of ultrahigh dilutions show that there are certain areas of physical and biological processes with new characteristics of the objects. In such a way, poisonous substances lose their toxic effect and gain a protective effect. Stimulatory effect of ultralow doses of toxins on growth, size and weight as well as on lifetime of live organisms was observed. With the use of the modified F. Werner device to study spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of homeopathic medicines we compared wave characteristics of matrix solutions of remedies and their changes with potentiation. It was found that activity of the homeopathic remedy is caused by appearing coherence – gradual phasal shift of the electromagnetic wave of the remedy that occurs with ultrahigh potentiation. Electromagnetic wave phasal shift in relation to the xenobiotic wave makes these waves opposite to each other in terms of amplitude and they damp each other out, causing neutralization of pathogenic characteristics of a xenobiotic. This provides for high specificity of the remedy and determines the medical effect of the homeopathic phenomenon. It is characteristic that this mechanism appears only with potentiation of remedies as opposed to their simple dilution to the same degree. Based on the above mechanisms it becomes clear why selection of remedies according to the principle of similarity (which reflects identical characteristics of oscillations between the remedy and the pathogenic factor) determines their targeted effect on the pathological process, why potentiation makes the remedy biologically active and why shaking promotes maximal efficiency of the remedy. Development of the method of determination of a resonant wave enables to control interference, i.e. mutual augmentation or attenuation of the effect of electromagnetic waves with their overlapping. All of this opens opportunities for achieving optimal efficiency of homeopathic treatment.