The Philosophical and Evidentiary Basis of Homoeopathic Immunisation: a Response to Teixeira

  • Isaac Golden University of Ballarat
Keywords: homeopathy, high dilution, nosodes, immunisation


Homeopathic immunisation was first used in 1798, but remains controversial with some homeopathic practitioners. Teixeira supported the use of genus epidemicus (GE) remedies, but strongly condemned the use of nosodes for disease prevention. However Teixeira failed to fully understand the Principal of Similars, he used a double standard when comparing evidence using GE remedies and nosodes, he misread information demonstrating the safety of long-term HP, and he appeared to be unaware of scientific evidence which is available supporting the prophylactic use of nosodes. These four areas are addressed in turn, and evidence from 1798 to 2012 is presented showing that appropriate homoeopathic immunisation using GE remedies and/or nosodes has the potential to prevent much suffering without any risk of possible short-term toxic damage or long-term energetic adverse effects.

Author Biography

Isaac Golden, University of Ballarat
Honorary Research Fellow School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering University of Ballarat