A Fundamental Study to Observe Correlation at Molecular Level between Bio-Samples of Patients and Indicated Homoeopathic Medicines

  • Rajat Chattopadhyay MBHMCH, HOWRAH
  • Chitta Ranjan Mahata IIESTS & MBHMC,HOWRAH


Background: ‘Like cures like’ is the principle that is followed in homoeopathy. Substances which cause disorder in healthy individuals are used as medicines to treat similar patterns of disorder in sick persons. This article aims to find out whether any similarity picture exists at molecular level also that can make a selection of medicines based on scientifically measurable parameters.
Method: It consisted of getting frequency domain signatures for the dielectric functions of (i) bio-fluids (blood serums) of six arthritis patients and (ii) medicines selected for them on the basis of macroscopic similarity. Then, they were compared to find existence/absence of similarity between them.
Results: Medicines administered to the six patients were Rhus tox 200cH, Thuja 30cH, Medorrhinum 200cH. The dielectric loss at resonance for the bio-fluids of the patients and the medicines are given in the body of the article.
Conclusion: It was observed that the patients who had beneficial results with their medicines have a similarity (resonance frequency matching) in spectral signatures of the two groups of substances i.e. bio-fluids (blood serum) of patients and the indicated remedies. This similarity was not evident in the cases where medicines failed to benefit the patients. These results are explorative and enthusiastic, but as the research is limited only to patients with arthritis, generalization could not be drawn. Further work with more rigor is required to establish the facts and apply generalizations to other disease condition. In future, this might be a new tool to integrate the fundamental research with clinical applications in homeopathy.

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Rajat Chattopadhyay, MBHMCH, HOWRAH
Chitta Ranjan Mahata, IIESTS & MBHMC,HOWRAH
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CHATTOPADHYAY, Rajat; MAHATA, Chitta Ranjan. A Fundamental Study to Observe Correlation at Molecular Level between Bio-Samples of Patients and Indicated Homoeopathic Medicines. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, [S.l.], v. 15, n. 3, p. 11-17, sep. 2016. ISSN 1982-6206. Available at: <http://highdilution.org/index.php/ijhdr/article/view/818>. Date accessed: 17 feb. 2019.
Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)


dielectric functions, resonance frequency matching, spectral signatures, Homoeopathic Principle at the molecular level.