Effects of homeopathic medicine on physical properties of matter - a classical and QED perspective

  • Poonam Bandyopadhyay
  • Sukhen Das
  • Raj Kumar Manchanda
  • Anil Kumar Khurana
  • Debdatta Nayak
  • Durga Shankar Bhar
  • Ruma Basu
  • Papiya Nandy
Keywords: Homeopathic medicines, Nanoparticles, Classical theory, Quantum electrodynamics


Homeopathic medicines affect physical properties of matter which depend on the characteristic and the potency of the medicine1. These effects can be explained from two aspects: (a) classical and (b) quantum electrodynamical. Using three different sets of experiments where homeopathic medicines have affected the physical properties of matter, we have shown how the results can be interpreted from both these points of view.
Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)