COVID-19: cases cured with Homoeopathy


  • Abdequaem Chimthanawala AYUSH, MUHS, HMAI, IIHP, GHF



Homoeopathy, Similimum, Potency, Symptoms, Covid-19


Background: Homoeopathy is a medical science that should be practiced with evidence. As a practitioner, I was keen to show how Homoeopathy can give relief in this pandemic where conventional therapy was also struggling to offer treatment. Homoeopathic remedies given in Covid-19 cases in my OPD were prescribed to patients 1. who took only Homoeopathy, 2. who took Allopathy but got no relief and 3. hospitalized yet got relief with Homoeopathy. Few cases which did not get symptomatic relief were advised to stop treatment. Aims: To see the efficacy of Homoeopathy in treating covid 19 patients – with mild, moderate, and severe symptoms. Methodology: Data collected after permission from the patients to share case studies for Homoeopathy treatment of Covid-19 were obtained from GraceHealing Homeopathy clinic in Nagpur were categorized as mild to moderate and moderate to severe as per AYUSH guidelines; similimum with matching potency prescribed after detailed case inquiry, and regular Follow-ups were done until patients felt relief. Hypothesis: To see the action of Homoeopathy similimum - as a palliative, curative, and no action in treating covid-19 cases. Results: Homoeopathy has shown definite results in mild to moderate and moderate to severe cases up to 80% relief in mild to moderate 60% in moderate to severe. Mild to moderate cases where only Homoeopathy was given: China-ars, Ferrum-p, and Gelsemium were satisfactory. Baptisia and Carb-v adjuvant to Allopathy was also satisfactory. In hospitalized severe case gave relief, where Allopathy did not help. If Homoeopathy was given in such cases, it acts in increasing the immunity to make healing faster: Kali carb and Nux vomica satisfactory. Conclusion: With detailed case inquiry, symptomatic treatment with simillimum in correct potency can give Covid 19 patients relief.

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