Survey COVID-19 first peak 2020

viewpoint of belgian homeopathic medical doctors


  • Philippe Devos President Unio Homoeopathica Belgica (UHB)
  • Michael Van Wassenhoven European Committee for Homeopathy (Research sub-committee)
  • Paul Serneels
  • Pablo Serneels
  • Martine Goyens



COVID-19 ; Homeopathy ; Observational survey ; Belgium


Background: In Belgium, the first peak of COVID-19 was observed between March and April 2020. This represented more than 300 deaths a day beginning April and more than 1500 new cases every day during this period. Aims: This retrospective observational survey of the practice of Homeopathic Medical Doctors in Belgium has been conducted to check Belgian Homeopathic Doctors (HMD) have treated their patients presenting mild symptoms of COVID-19. Methodology: 6 HMDs accepted to provide data from all consecutive cases treated for COVID-19 symptoms in March and April 2020. This systematic retrospective data collection was compared with information from a free exchange HMDs’ forum. 13 HMDs regularly participated in this forum. Results and discussion: this survey included 313 patients presenting mild COVID-19 symptoms. The efficiency score (healing of symptoms in less than eight days) is relevant for 83,1% of these patients. The average duration of COVID-19 symptoms is 20 days. The four most used homeopathic medicines (Bryonia alba/Arsenicum album/Phosphorus/Gelsemium sempervirens) were prescribed to 66% of them. 1,3% needed hospitalization for some time. Not any loss of chance to cure occurred for patients that used homeopathy for COVID-19 symptoms. Market data also reveals that homeopathy has been largely used to prevent and heal during the early peak of COVID-19 in Belgium. This survey allows us to conclude that during such an epidemic situation for which no effective therapy exists and no vaccination is possible, homeopathy should be considered a valuable approach.

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Devos, P., Van Wassenhoven, M., Serneels, P., Serneels, P., & Goyens, M. . (2021). Survey COVID-19 first peak 2020 : viewpoint of belgian homeopathic medical doctors. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 20(1), 05–05.



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