High Dilution in Leukopenia treatment in Dogs


  • Franscinne Brait Narita High Dilution Science
  • Cideli Coelho
  • Bruna Scardoeli




Background: Leukopenia is associated with the consumption of peripheral leukocytes, decreased production due to endotoxemia and septicemia, medullary hypoplasia, nutritional diseases or autoimmune reactions. In a case report by Narita et al, Echinacea angustifolia demonstrated the effectiveness of treatment of leukopenia in penguins. Aims: Report the evolution of homeopathic treatment in 5 dogs patients between 3 and 5 years old, presenting leukopenia. Methodology: The homeopathic treatment was chosen, based on the principle of similitude, using Echinacea angustifolia due to its immunostimulant action, that its evolution was analyzed by the blood test. The exposed information is consented by the tutors. Results: The same protocol was made for all of the patient, included 4 globules of Echinacea angustifolia 6 cH orally, every 12 hours for 30 days. The first dog attended on 07/21/2021, presented 4.000 leukocytes, which increased to 6.800 on 08/17/2021. The second patient attend on 12/07/2021 presented 4.700 leukocytes, increasing to 6.800 on 01/25/2022. The third patitent attended on 08/24/2021 presented 5.400 leukocyte, which increasing to 6.800 on 10/15/2021. The fourth patient presented 4.300 leukocytes on 01/13/2022, increasing to 5.500 on 02/11/2022. The fifth patient presented on 12/12/2021 4.600 leukocytes, increasing to 8.400 on 02/03/2022. Therefore, the mean of the first collection was 3.681 leukocytes and in the second there was a increased to 6.860 leukocytes (Mann Whitney, p= 0,0079). Conclusion: High dilution proves to be successful in the treatment of leukopenia without causing side effects.            Keywords: Homeopathy, Leukopenia, Immunity, Dogs.


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