Hyperadrenocorticism Treatment with High Dilution – Case Report


  • Franscinne Brait Narita High Dilution Science
  • Cideli Coelho
  • Bruna Scardoeli




Background: Hyperadrenocorticism is a common endocrinopathy in dogs, associated to an excessive production or administration of cortisol. Aims: Report the evolution of homeopathic treatment in hyperadrenocorticism of a yorkshire male dog with 10 years old, analyzing with basal and post-acth stimulation cortisol values. Methodology: Homeopathic treatment was chosen, based on the principle of similitude and because it is efficient and less harmful for the patient using Ignatia amara associated to cortisol biotherapy to inhibit cortisol production and adrenal biotherapy to stimulate the gland response. The exposed information is consented by the tutor. Results: The dog was in convencional treatment with trilostane but didn’t response to the therapy, showing 5,41 μg/dL of basal result and 11,8 μg/dL of post-acth result and the symptoms were worst on 12/12/2021, presenting lethargic, panting, more evident alopecia and severe muscle weakness which the patient unable to stand. Therefore, the protocol was recommended for 3 months, included 3 globules of Ignatia amara 30cH orally, every 12 hours, 3 globules of cortisol biotherapy 30 cH and also of adrenal biotherapy 6 cH every 24 hours for 30 days. On 03/28/2022 the basal and post-acth stimulation results was 3,71 μg/dL e 5,79 μg/dL respectively and the patient was more active, the skin was better and even with difficulty it was moving and having more independence. Conclusion: Homeopathic treatment with high dilution proved to be effective, keeping the indices with the recommended range of post acth between 2.0 and 5.0, confirming an adequate therapeutic monitoring and symptomatic improvement.

Keywords: Homeopathy, Biotherapy, Hyperadrenocorticism, Cortisol



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Demarque, D.; Jouanny, J.; Poitevin, B.; Saint-Jean, Y. Farmacologia e Matéria Médica Homeopática. S. Paulo: Organon, 2009.




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