Ontogenesis of illness.


  • Renato Sampaio Azambuja CEGEPH; SGH; AMHB.


Autopoiesis and disease, Disease and totality, Individuality and disease, Structural determination and disease, Conduct and disease, Mind, emotions and disease.


The objective of this article is to demonstrate the development of the concept of disease according to the current theory of Autopoiesis proposed by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela from Chile. Structural determination, structural coupling, conduct, speech, mind and emotions will be expanded as a living unit of the individual and its going-to-be. Along with this discussion, we show how the understanding of the disease can be related to this concept. Finally, we concluded that any disease, to in accordance to the theory of Autopoiesis, has to be understood as a process linked to the individual life, as a whole unit. Furthermore, in this context, the disease can only be distinguished by a careful observer as one and indissoluble process, inside an event that happens in the speech of the subject, who has his own experience of the disease.





Theoretical and Historical Research