Remnants of Dead Substance: The Structural Study of Ultra-High Diluted Compounds


  • Fariba Rahimi
  • Saba Hosseinian
  • Fateme Mirzajani Shahid Beheshti University, G.C.
  • Meraj Rahimi



Ultra-high dilution, EOM, Avogadro’s number, image production, electronic microscope.


Background In recent centuries, ultra-high diluted compounds have shown some effect, which has always been doubted and disbelieved due to the high dilution. Articles on UHD have published various effects of these substances on living organisms (humans, plants, animals and bacteria). But so far nothing has been found visible to differentiate the structure of these substances themselves from placebo. This research, unlike other published articles, is about the nature and structure of UHDs themselves and has been able to investigate and reveal structural differences between UHDs and of course placebo and presented different, new, and perplexing chemical results on the structure of UHDs.

Methods To prepare eleven selected samples, commercial UHDs from various plant, animal, mineral, chemical and nosode resources were used in a dilution of ´10-6. The experiments (90) were designed using the Design Expert 7.0.0 based on the Central Composite Design (CCD) statistical algorithm related to four quantitative factors of time, dilution, light intensity and temperature and a qualitative factor of UHD type. The formed things were selected and were imagined using Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM).

Results The formation of substances which gradually start taking shapes appears in the solutions. EOMs formed some things in different size, shapes, and suspended in water are observable by naked eyes. They are in tubular and layered forms which are solidified and strong with some curvatures and bending. We’ve called these substances Essential Original Matter (EOM). These EOMs are unique, distinct and repeatable and they have special structural feature that is created in every individual type of UHDs.

Conclusion The production of somethings in UHD’s solution (we called in EOMs) is reported for the first time. Results prove that UHDs are distinct from placebo in addition to the effects shown in the past and in other articles. These materials have different and unique structure. According to the current laws of chemistry, no traces of above materials are expected to be seen in these types of solutions.  Based on these results, it can be suggested that the Avogadro hypothesis needs to be re-examined and revised.




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Rahimi, F., Hosseinian, S., Mirzajani, F., & Rahimi, M. (2023). Remnants of Dead Substance: The Structural Study of Ultra-High Diluted Compounds . International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 22(cf), 51–64.



Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)