Some remarks concerning homeopathic symptoms.


  • Paulo Rosenbaum FMUSP
  • Silvia I. Waisse Priven PUC - SP


Homeopathic symptoms, Constitutive symptoms, Marker symptoms, Hermeneutic totality.


There is universal agreement that symptoms are the essential tools in homeopathic practice, particularly “rare, peculiar characteristic” symptoms. Yet, there is a lack of sound criteria to establish the value of symptoms. We review Hahnemann’s conception and its historical background. We suggest a classification of symptoms in “constitutive” and “markers”, the former define the individuality of the patient, the latter are useful for clinical follow-up. We emphasize the role of the patient as the rightful interpreter of his/her symptoms value and meaning. We suggest that the homeopathic “totality” is better referred as a hermeneutic totality.



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