Telemedicine and homeopathy united for wellness and health in Brazilian veterinary.


  • Alexandre Prospero Independent Veterinarian



Veterinary, homeopathy, telemedicine


The objective of this work is to argue about the possibility of remote work and the utilization of communication technology, enabling Tele-veterinary homeopathy to emerge as a specialized field for prescribing medical materials, primarily in cases of behavioral changes. However, the institutions regulating veterinary telemedicine and veterinary medical activities assert that face-to-face care remains the gold standard for practicing veterinary medical procedures. Teleconsultation is only permissible in cases where there exists a prior Veterinary-Animal-Responsible Relationship (RPVAR) that has been established through face-to-face interactions and duly registered.The administration of medicines is considered safe, as they are non-toxic and devoid of side effects due to their ultra-diluted and dynamized formulation, exclusive to this scientific modality. Furthermore, when recommended by a professional specialist and facilitated through telemedicine resources, the continuity of patient care and monitoring will face no hindrances. It is important to emphasize that even though the prescribed medications for veterinary patients are safe, they should be vigilantly monitored by a specialist. This monitoring involves assessing the expected symptoms and effects associated with the prescription, allowing the specialist to intervene and decide whether to modify or continue with the chosen medication.




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