Comparative study of the action of dynamized forms of melatonin and lissotriton


  • Olga Borisovna Zhdanova
  • Pavel D. Biziaev
  • Elena B. Dunaeva
  • Olga V. Chasovskikh



Melatonin, Lissotriton, regeneration


The effect of dynamized forms of Melatonin 6 cH and Lissotriton 6 cH were studied in comparison. Melatonin and Lissotriton are universal stimulantors of regeneration. In animals, melatonin is a hormone regulating circadian rhythms, seasonal reproduction, and many other physiological functions. Lissotriton is the recrystallized and dinamized form of tissue of Lissotriton vulgares. Materials and methods. White laboratory one years old mice of the vivarium of KSMY received a dynamizing form of Melatonin 6 cH and Lissotriton 6 cH at a dose of 5 drops per 20 ml of water for 14 days. The 3-d group was a control. Results. The study showed the best structure of wool, hair and activity of rodents who took Melatonin 6 cH and Lissotriton 6 cH. The coat of the animal becomes bright, healthy and thick, many follicles are visible on histological slides of epidermis and derma (x80). The microscopic examination showed perfect adhering of the cuticle to the cortical layer. Also the forced swimming method confirmed that the dynamic form of Melatonin and Lissotriton increased the adaptability of the animals. Swimming time was 2.5 times longer (Melatonin) and 4 times longer (Lissotriton) compared to control groups.

Author Biography

Olga Borisovna Zhdanova

1Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology of Stomatologic (Dentistry) Faculty KSMA




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Zhdanova, O. B., D. Biziaev , P., B. Dunaeva , E., & V. Chasovskikh, O. (2023). Comparative study of the action of dynamized forms of melatonin and lissotriton. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 22(2), 30–31.