Findings from Clinical, Historical, and Educational Research Conducted at the HOHM Foundation Office of Research


  • Alastair Gray HOHM Foundation
  • Denise Straiges HOHM Foundation



HOHM Research, MYCaW, Outcomes, Homeopathy, Practitioner Generated Research Network


Background: This presentation provides an overview of the research work at HOHM Foundation and the most inspiring results from the last 5 years, highlighting important findings from our numerous published and ongoing research projects. Methods: HOHM Foundation officially launched its Office of Research (HOHM Research) in 2017 in keeping with the mission to enrich and support homeopathy, and an overarching aim to build infrastructure whereby rigorous outcomes-based research supports the deepening and expansion of the discipline of Homeopathy. Results: Recent peer-reviewed publications include five papers on the education of complementary and integrative medicine practitioners, as well as three observational case series of selected COVID-19 cases from the HHN Clinic. Additional papers based on the 5000+ dataset of acute cases from the Homeopathy Help Network (HHN) clinic are currently being prepared. From the Practitioner Generated Research Network (PGRN) – an organization promoting practice-based, patient-focused, practitioner-generated research that potentizes the profession of homeopathy and expands it into the larger scientific and integrative medical communities - a paper exploring attitudes to and uptake of repertory software in homeopathy clinical practice was published in Homeopathy in 2023. Current papers from the PGRN in the publication phase include an observational clinical case series using MYMOP 2017-20, and an observational clinical case series using MYCaW 2020-22 data, both collected from clients who attended the Academy of Homeopathy Education (AHE) chronic clinic. Other current research work focusses on artificial intelligence in Homeopathy, on the characteristics, demographics and perceptions of users of homeopathy in the US, the 2022 North American homeopathy education surveys, the 2023 North American workforce survey, and a clinical trial on Homeopathy in the management of Silicosis taking place in Brazil. Discussion: HOHM Research produces robust, relevant publications, and bring awareness of the effectiveness of homeopathy through real-world, outcomes-based research, focusing on clinical, historical, and educational research outputs.




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Gray, A., & Straiges, D. (2023). Findings from Clinical, Historical, and Educational Research Conducted at the HOHM Foundation Office of Research. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 22(2), 53–54.