Bayes' theorem: scientific assessment of experience


  • Lex Rutten Committee for Methods and Validation VHAN


Homeopathy, Bayes' theorem, Repertory


Homeopathy is based on experience and this is a scientific procedure if we follow Bayes' theorem. Unfortunately this is not the case at the moment. Symptoms are added to our materia medica based on absolute occurrence, while Bayes theorem tells us that this should be based on relative occurrence. Bayes theorem can be applied on prospective research, but also on retrospective research and consensus based on a large number of cases. Confirmation bias is an important source of false data in experience based systems like homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors should become more aware of this and longer follow-up of cases could remedy this. The existing system of adding symptoms to our materia medica is obsolete.

Author Biography

Lex Rutten, Committee for Methods and Validation VHAN

MD, private practice researcher






Special Issue: 200th anniversary of the Organon.