Anxiolytic and antidepressive effects of the homeopathic complex Homeo-pax® (pre-clinical study)


  • Jose Carlos Tavares Carvalho Federal University of Amapá
  • Aline Ferreira Vaz Federal University of Amapá
  • Raiza Marques Vieira Campos Federal University of Amapá
  • Kélem Costa dos Santos Federal University of Amapá
  • Benedito Junior Medeiros Federal University of Amapá
  • Ezequiel Paulo Viriato Faculdade de Ciéncias Farmacéuticas e Bioquímicas das Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz
  • Fabio Ferreira Perazzo Departamento de Ciéncias Exatas e da Terra, Campus Diadema, Universidade Federal de São Paulo


Valeriana officinalis, Behavior, Pre-clinical trial, Anxiolytic, Antidepressant


Background: The homeopathic complex Homeo-Pax® has been used as an antidepressant and anxiolytic homeopathic medicine available in Brazil. It is a complex mixture prepared with Aconitum nap. 6cH, Aurum met. 6cH, Phosphorus 6cH, Argentum nitricum 6cH, Arsenicum alb. 6cH, and Valeriana officinalis 3cH. Aims: This study had evaluated the behavior in rats after treatment with Homeo-Pax® in pre-clinical models of depression and anxiety. Mathods: Elevated Plus Maze Test (EPM), Forced Swimming Test (FST), Open Field Test (OFT) and the Rota Rod Test (RRT) behavior assays were used to confirm its activity. In the EPM, the animals treated with Homeo-pax® on the 1st day and until the 20th day of treatment remained longer in the open arms of the maze than on 30th day. This result was statistically significant compared with the control group (p < 0.05). In the FST, the treatment with Homeo-pax® (0.5 ml, p.o) increased the swimming time, compared to the control group. This effect was dependent on treatment time, resulting in a similar effect to that presented by amfepramone (10 mg/kg, p.o). In the OFT, crossing by the animals was significantly increased by the treatment with amfepramone (10mg/kg, p.o), and also with the 30-day treatment with Homeo-pax®. In the RRT, the 30-day treatment with Homeo-pax® (0.5 ml, p.o) did not affect the animals’ motor coordination, compared with the control group, which presented the same behavior. Conclusion: Based on the results obtained, it can be suggested that the homeopathic complex Homeo-pax® has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties without affecting motor coordination capacity.

Author Biography

Jose Carlos Tavares Carvalho, Federal University of Amapá

PhD, Research Laboratory of Drugs, Federal University of Amapá, Brazil






Basic Research (Biology)

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