Joining efforts to destroy a mighty empire: the Delphic oracle reloaded!


  • Carlos Renato Zacharias UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista


Whether in short or long term, it seems that history always repeats itself! We started in 2011 under the announcement of another collective suicide attempt by organized by Merseyside Skeptics Society, with followers in various cities all over the world! The reasoning behind this movement is quite clear: if homeopathic medicines are highly diluted, then it can not be found one even molecule of the supposed active substance, inside it. Hence the campaign slogan: Homeopathy: there is nothing in it! ... It seems that the story wants to repeat again! If we join efforts to satisfy the skeptics, the prophecy of the Skeptics’ Oracle will be fulfilled: "respect the Avogadro’s limit and we no longer fight against homeopathyâ€ÂÂ! If we go forward with this fight, we will destroy ourselves, the homeopathy and all science behind the high dilutions, leaving nothing for the skeptics do, unless, quietly to observe our self-destruction! ... If we want to get into a true battle, then we should review and reflect on our scientific approach to the phenomenon of the HD and homeopathy. And we don’t need to bother in requesting a space in the universe of science, because this decision is not entitled to the skeptics. Further, this place is already booked since a long time! We should only be dedicated to the difficult task of uncovering the phenomenon behind the HD and Homeopathy, in order to fill our space in an honorable manner!

Author Biography

Carlos Renato Zacharias, UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista

Physicist (PhD), Department of Physics and Chemistry, Engineering Faculty, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil. Involved with HD reasearch since 1992. Member of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors (ABEC) and of the GIRI Board.