The biotherapics Influenzinum and Oscilococcinum in the treatment of influenza virus flu


  • Ana Luiza Marques de Oliveira Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil (IHB),
  • Carla Holandino Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Camila Monteiro Siqueira Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro



Influenza, Flu, Biotherapics, Homeopathy


Introduction: The influenza virus flu is a widespread illness which is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually. About 20% of children and 5% of adults are infected with this virus every year. The disease is highly contagious and its transmission occurs by saliva particles of the infected person, expelled by breathing, talking and coughing [1]. Flu pandemics are generally caused by the appearance of a new subtype of the virus in humans, which occurs as a result of the existing flu in animal species transmitted to humans [2]. Despite the fact there are antiviral drugs, the virus develops mutations, creating resistance to these drugs in few days. Thus, the development of new therapies, including homeopathy, that can prevent and/or treat this disease becomes increasingly necessary. In this scenario, biotherapics appear as drugs that are made from biological products, such as secretions, tissues, organs whose compounding follows the homeopathic pharmacopeia. Objective: This study is a literature review on the treatment of flu with biotherapics used in clinical medicine, namely Influenzinum and Oscilococcinum. Method: Studies on the prescription of biotherapics for the prevention and cure of the flu as well as literature about the history and evolution of Homeopathy were reviewed in the present work. Influenzinum is a biotherapic made from the influenza vaccine from Pasteur Laboratory, while Oscillococcinum is obtained from the lysate of the liver and heart of the goose Anas barbaries. Results: Preliminary results showed that both medicines are widely used in clinical medicine. Influenzinum 9CH is prescribed for flu prevention and treatment, while Oscilococcinum is more used to reduce the severe symptoms in patients who already have the flu. Conclusion: Based on these results, it is possible to say that Influenzinum has a very important role in the prevention and cure of the influenza and Oscilococcinnum is useful in the relief of the symptoms caused by this disease




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de Oliveira, A. L. M., Holandino, C., & Siqueira, C. M. (2021). The biotherapics Influenzinum and Oscilococcinum in the treatment of influenza virus flu. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 10(35), 94–94.

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