Water as carrier of information of heat shock and drug effect between two groups of Adhatoda vasica plants


  • Sandhimita Mondal Visva-Bharati University
  • Soma Sukul (nee Chunari)
  • N C Sukul Visva-Bharati University


Cantharis vesicatoria, heat-shock, water network, information transfer, homeopathy


Adhatoda vasica Nees plants were grown in 50 earthen pots, which were divided into 5 batches A, B, C, D, and E. Of these A, B and C, D were arranged into two separate parallel pairs. One leaf of each plant of an adjacent pair was immersed in sterile tap water in a beaker. Adjacent beakers in each pair A B or C D were connected by polythene tubes containing wet cotton threads. One leaf of each plant of A was given heat shock by immersing a leaf in hot water for 5 min. One leaf of each plant of C was treated with Cantharis vesicatoria 200c. Batch E served as the unstressed and untreated control. One hour after heat shock or drug treatment all the leaves were harvested and their proteins were extracted by chilled protein extraction buffer. Proteins were separated by Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC). Protein profiles of A, B and C, D showed marked similarity with respect to expression and repression of some proteins. It is concluded that the effect of heat shock and drug treatment is transmitted through water in the capillaries of cotton threads connecting the pairs of plants. It is assumed that heat shock or drug treatment altered locally the water structure in the leaves which was propagated through global network of water structure over the protein network in the whole plants, and from there to the interfacial water in the beakers and cotton threads. A homeopathic potency is thought to be specifically structured water which influences the water structure in the treated organism.

Author Biographies

Sandhimita Mondal, Visva-Bharati University

Department of Botany,Ph. D student

Soma Sukul (nee Chunari)

Department of Botany

N C Sukul, Visva-Bharati University

Department of Botany, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan-731235, West Bengal, India






Basic Research (Biology)