Crystallogenesis of bioliquid in the homoeopathy


  • Olga Borisovna Zdanova
  • Andrey Kimovich Martusevich
  • F. Artese


the crystallography, the homoeopathy


The term “crystallogenesis†was primarily mentioned in 1730. I. Newton in his research “Opticsâ€ÂÂdescribed a phenomenon of regular structure formation from salt solutions. The latter proved to be the origin of nowadays biocrystallography. Later crystallography has been also applied in pharmacy (medication synthesis) and forensic medicine (toxicology). Moreover, a number of clinically oriented works on crystallography have been issued. This method is simple and safe for investigated people and animals. The purpose of this new medico-biological science is to discover crystallogenesis mechanisms and further to work out the criteria for estimation of various substrates bioinformation and biocrystallisation management on the basis of up-to-date accomplishments in the homoeopathy.