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  • Carlos Renato Zacharias UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista



The current issue of IJHDR begins by a now classical dilemma relative to the high dilutions: if they lack biological effects, how might they cause adverse effects? The plausibility of the implausible is once again the subject of a letter addressed to this Editor. The present issue further features three articles from Indian authors, which somehow makes the occasion special, and worthy of reflection: what is going on in Indian homeopathy? As it is known, India has always played a significant role in the homeopathic stage by contributing with original clinical protocols and approaches. More recently, India has shown the world unexpected scientific features of the high dilutions. The natural and cultural diversity of India seems to influence the research it conducts, which ranges from physicochemical and biological studies performed in research centers and universities to clinical trials conducted in hospitals, in addition to a major concern with education. India has thus become one of the main centers concerned with the scientific side of homeopathy, which is further attested by the organization of, and participation in major scientific meetings like the LMHI congress of 2011, GIRI meetings, and the latest HRI conference, and publication in IJHDR and other scientific journals. As an example of the multiple interests of homeopathic research in India, one article in this issue of IJHDR addresses a fundamental research problem, another the patients’ satisfaction, and the third the perspective of undergraduates on the teaching of homeopathy. This same movement observed in India has been observed in other countries like Brazil and Russia among others, following many European countries, making possible and feasible the existence of an international scientific network connecting the various groups devoted to HD research across the world. IJHDR is proud to participate on this endeavor!

Author Biography

Carlos Renato Zacharias, UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista

Physicist (PhD), Department of Physics and Chemistry, Engineering Faculty, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil. Involved with HD reasearch since 1992. Member of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors (ABEC) and of the GIRI Board.







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