Canine neurofibrosarcoma treatment with Viscum album in serial dilutions


  • Aloisio Cunha Carvalho
  • Etelvina Porto
  • Leoni Bonamin


A 10 years old bitch (Canis familiaris), Labrador, was brought to the Natural Medicine section of UNIP Veterinary Hospital, diagnosed with recurrent malignant neurofibrosarcoma after chemotherapy. After immunohistochemistry, the histogenesis of the tumor was determined, being described a poorly differentiated morphology. Tumor was positive for vimentin and CD57 and negative for S100 protein, GFAP, AC4, Desmin, CD31. The U.S. examination revealed increase in liver mass. Adrenals revealed nodular hyperecogenic areas of softened outlines. The treatment was performed with the commercial formula Viscum Injectecenter®, subcutaneously, in chord potencies, organized as follows: D3 + D6, D9 + D12, D30 + D3, D6 + D9, D12 + D30, D3 + D9, D12 + D6, D9 + D30, D12 + D3, D6 + D30 1x a day for a series of five days, being one day free of treatment between each series. The total time of treatment was 30 days. Up to this moment, the neoplasia stopped to growth and started to show a mild decrease of its dimensions, determined regularly by U.S. examination.




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Carvalho, A. C., Porto, E., & Bonamin, L. (2013). Canine neurofibrosarcoma treatment with Viscum album in serial dilutions. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 12(44), 106–106. Retrieved from

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