Evaluation of Eucalyptus growth with application of homeopathic preparation


  • livia cristina cavalher atz de vilhena moraes




homeopathy, eucalyptus, Phosphorus


The use of less impacting techniques in agricultural systems is the global trend, so the use of High dilutions on these systems has been studied as ecologically sound technology. This study had the object to study the interaction between the High dilutions and the development of Eucalyptus urophylla S. T. Blake seedlings. Was conducted from May 2007 to July 2007, in the greenhouse of the Department of Plant Science at the Federal University of Viçosa. Applications were made in one day intervals and preparations utilized were: Phosphorus, Calcarea carbonica, Kali muriaticum, Magnesia carbonica, in dynamizations 3CH and 12CH and water and alcohol dynamised CH3. Morphological parameters of quality seedlings were analyzed over time and the end of the experiment. The prepared Kali muriaticum 12CH promoted increased root length of approximately 55% compared to control water . The prepared Phosphorus 3CH differed from other treatments in the green total mass variable. The High dilutions Phosphorus 3CH and Kali muriaticum 12CH promoted increase in root growth. The responses obtained with the application of Phosphorus 3CH indicate the viability of agronomic use to the increase of the root exploration and absorbing elements necessary for plant growth.

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livia cristina cavalher atz de vilhena moraes





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