Enhancement of Quantum Efficiency of A Dye-Sensitized Electrochemical Cell by using Triturated Zinc Oxide Mixed with Two Organic Dyes, Azure C and Rose bengal


  • Poonam Bandyopadhyay
  • Ruma Basu
  • Sukhen Das
  • Durga Shankar Bhar
  • Rajkumar Manchanda
  • Papiya Nandy


Energy conversion efficiency, electrochemical cell, mixed dyes, triturated zinc oxide, adsorption,


For efficiently utilizing solar energy, when suitable nanoparticles are being engineered, triturated zinc oxide an eco-friendly, easily available, low cost material has been used as an agent for solar energy conversion. Two organic dyes Azure C and Rose bengal having absorption bands in two different spectral regions at 545 nm and 610 nm respectively, were chosen in order to overcome the band absorption limits of each dye and utilize the broad spectrum of solar radiation. The material was mixed with these two dyes in a specially devised electrochemical cell and photovoltage with significant efficiency was generated. The energy conversion efficiency of the cell using three different potencies 6C, 30C and 200C of triturated zinc oxide with same concentration of two dyes (0.5x10-5 M) in all cases are 0.39%, 0.43% and 0.35% respectively. The efficiency is only 0.15% for the mixed dye under similar conditions.






Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)

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