UHD, electronic homeopathy and organisms – do they share a common language?


  • Igor Jerman Institute Bion, Ljubljana
  • Vesna Periček Krapež Institute Bion, Ljubljana


electronic homeopathy, coherent modes, active molecular information


Introduction Homeopathy, at least in its UHD aspect, proves that the biological function of molecules (their “messageâ€) can be transmitted from some original material substance through pure water to living systems (1). Even if in general this transmission is based on serial dilutions of mother tinctures, experiments demonstrate it can be realized also via modified environmental EM fields, i.e. through the air as is known from the experiments performed by Montagnier (2), Endler and our group (3). It is also known as electronic homeopathy and is capable of a very similar achievement to UHD homeopathy without any chemical continuity between mother tincture and the final informed water. Quantum field theory developed by Preparata and Del Giudice brings theoretical ground to understanding and explaining this, for contemporary physicists, seemingly impossible phenomenon (4). Namely, it is not only that molecular information can be transmitted and stored in pure (UHD) water, but also that it can provoke changes in organisms. Theoretical model According to quantum electrodynamics, the interactions between an original substance, water and an organism are enabled by coherent domains (CDs). Many experiments corroborate the capacity of CDs to get entangled (phase locking) with the complex field of mother tincture’s substance(s) and consequently to encode the message of the tincture. However this is not the end of the process; this code must later be decoded from the side of the organism (and it seems that it can be even decoded by chemical systems, according to Elia (5)) and make an appropriate reaction. We assume that in case of organisms the endogenous coherent EM field first proposed by Fröhlich is responsible for the decoding; however a homeostatic energy barrier must be broken. Many experiments confirm that even physiological states, not only chemical messages ((6, 7) can be transmitted through the same channel. The language of CDs and other EM coherent modes is not violent – the message of a molecule is presented in a way that provokes a reaction but cannot force the organism into a pathological or dead state. Therefore we can speak of a subtle (bio)chemistry and pharmacology, based on coherent modes and using a universal common language understandable to molecules and organisms. Conclusion  Chemicals, water coherent domains, endogenous coherent oscillations of organisms and physiological responses must share a common denominator;  quantum field oscillations and their wave structures could represent the denominator and therefore the active molecular information;  potentization somewhat sharpens these wave structures, gives them more penetrative power, which makes higher potencies (dilutions) generally more effective – as they must break the homeostatic barrier of organismic endogenous EM field.  understanding the language implied in the first point as well as deeper mechanisms of sharpening the molecular information will enable us to enter a new era of subtle (bio)chemistry and pharmacology, surpassing not only contemporary pharmaceutical practice, but also the homeopathic one. References [1] P. Bellavite, M. Marzotto, D. Olioso, E. Moratti, A. Conforti, High-dilution effects revisited. 1. Physicochemical aspects. Homeopathy. 103(1):4-21 (2014). [2] Monatagnier et al., DNA waves and water, arXiv:1012.5166v1 [q-bio.OT] (2010). [3] I. Jerman, R. RužiÄ, R. KraÅ¡ovec, M. Å karja, L. Mogilnicki, Electrical transfer of molecule information into water, its storage and bioeffects on plants and bacteria. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. 24(3): 341-354 (2005). [4] E. Del Guidice, P. R. Spinetti, A. Tedeschi, Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms. Water. 2010, 2, 566-568; doi:10.3390/w2030566. [5] Elia V. in Niccoli M. 1999. Thermodynamics of extremely diluted aqueous solutions. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 879: 241-248. [6] C. W. Smith, Quanta and Coherence Effects in Water and Living Systems. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 10(1):69-78. (2004). [7] A. Foletti, J. Pokorny, Biophysical approach to low back pain: a pilot report. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. 34 (2): 156-159 (2015).

Author Biographies

Igor Jerman, Institute Bion, Ljubljana

phD, Scientific Counsellor, Full Professor of Theoretical Biology and Biological Evolution, Institute Bion.

Vesna Periček Krapež, Institute Bion, Ljubljana

leader of electronic homeopathy research