Potency dependent activity of homeopathic nanomedicine- classical and quantum electrodynamical approach


  • Papiya S Nandy Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Education




The effect of homeopathic medicine on biological and physical system is directly related to its potency [1]. However, from physico-chemical point of view it is difficult to explain this effect at such high dilution, as then the existence of even trace amount of particle is questionable. It has been reported that during the process of potentization, a large amount of mechanical energy gets transferred to the medium due to succussion [2]. This energy in all probability reduces the size of the drug aggregates. The drug then penetrates easily through the membrane barrier, and thereby gives rise to enhanced activity of the medicine. It has been experimentally proved by us and supported by others that indeed a reduction of size of the aggregates takes place with increase in potency [3]. Using five different homeopathic medicines, their sizes at three different potencies have been estimated and a general mathematical expression relating the size of the particle (Y) and the corresponding potency (X) has been derived as follows Y = a X -n






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