Missing links between clinical observation and basic research


  • Irene D Schlingensiepen




Coming to clinical work from a neuroscientific background, it seemed logical to me to evaluate the short- and long-term outcomes of our patients treated with different homoeopathic approaches. The aim in our clinic was to identify prescribing methods that would more consistently arrive at sustained, long lasting healing in patients with chronic diseases. The aim of this presentation is to discuss whether our results can be linked to and understood within the context of important results of basic research in the past 30 years.   We tracked individual patient outcomes in our practice over extended periods between 1 and 21 years and correlated them with the different methodologies we had used to determine the remedies in each case.   The most reliable and predictive indicator of sustained long-term patient improvement with a single given remedy was a perfect match between remedy and rubrics. Such a perfect match was only possible when in-depth and – most importantly - thorough provings were available for that remedy. A surprising and unexpected observation of our evaluations was in patients for whom such a perfect simillimum could be determined. On retaking of the case in these patients - who did not know which remedy they were taking – they could almost always name the source of their remedy using homeopathic interviewing techniques adapted from psychoanalytical methods. The second surprising observation over the last 2 decades was that such an exact remedy picture is often found across several generations within one family. It can often be already found after birth. This hints to the possibility that a true simillimum remedy picture might be a state that is - at least in part – genetically encoded and inherited. The third consistent long-term observation was that homeopathic remedies seem to interact with the patient’s state in a way that is reminiscent of a physical (electromagnetic?) field. The underlying mode of action of homeopathic remedies might be fully understood in the future through a synthesis of results from systematic clinical observation/research and important insights from recent basic research. To this end homeopathy would greatly benefit from a sincere mutual interest and dialogue between these 2 research disciplines. Keywords: simillimum, long-term-evaluation, homeopathic clinical cases perfect match, field effects of homeopathic remedies, inner knowledge of the patient, hereditary remedy pictures






Conference Presentation