Investigation of force-like effects of potentized preparations


  • Jeremias Dott Hiscia, Verein für Krebsforschung CH
  • Stephan Baumgartner
  • Claudia Scherr
  • Maria Olga Kokornaczyk



Abstract The scope of this project is the investigation of the possible occurrence of force-like effects of potentized preparations. Based on earlier work [1, 2] we have chosen two preclinical models: a droplet evaporation method applied on wheat seeds and a bioassay with cress stressed with colchicine. In both methods we investigate if potentized and not potentized substances exhibit force-like effects. We study two types of potentization procedures. First we study classical homeopathic potentization (Natrium muriaticum 30cH) and compare it with unpotentized NaCl 0.9%. Second, we study anthroposophic potentization (Iscador, mistletoe (Viscum album L.) extracts treated with a special mechanized pharmaceutical process) and compare it with unpotentized mistletoe extract (not mechanically treated). Droplet evaporation method is performed as described in detail elsewhere [1]. In short: wheat seeds were placed in the inner space of bilayer recipients, whereas, in the outer space (i) the unpotentized substance, (ii) the potentized substance, or (iii) a water control is placed. After one week wheat seeds are removed from the recipients and placed in water for 1h. Droplets of the obtained leakage were evaporated on glass-slides in controlled conditions. The droplet residues are photographed in magnification 100x and analyzed for fractal dimension. Cress growth test is performed as described in detail elsewhere [2]. For the study of force-like effects, ampoules of the above mentioned substances and ampoules of water for injection are placed for 2 days in recipients filled with purified water. Subsequently 20 µg/ml colchicine were added. The so prepared water is used to grow selected cress seeds in bags for 4 days. The plants grow in darkness under controlled conditions and show a morphological malformation due to the colchicine. The length of the root and shoot at each plant is measured and the root/shoot ratio is calculated, to determine if there is any difference between the treatments. 1. Kokornaczyk, M.O., S. Baumgartner, and L. Betti, Preliminary study on force-like effects between As45x, water, and wheat seeds performed by means of the droplet evaporation method. International Journal of High Dilution Research, 2015. 14(2): p. 17-19. 2. Baumgartner S, Flückiger H, Kunz M, Scherr C, Urech K. Evaluation of Preclinical Assays to Investigate an Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Process Applied to Mistletoe (Viscum album L.) Extracts. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2014: Article ID 620974.




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Dott, J., Baumgartner, S., Scherr, C., & Kokornaczyk, M. O. (2021). Investigation of force-like effects of potentized preparations. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 17(1), 27–28.



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