DSC reveals variation in enthalpy associated with free water molecules in water-ethanol solution exposed to x-rays and magnetic field


  • Nirmal Chandra Sukul
  • Tandra Sarkar
  • Atheni Konar
  • Md. Amir Sohel
  • Asmita Sengupta
  • Anirban Sukul




Aqueous ethanol is the standard medium for all drugs used in homeopathy. X-ray and Magnetispoli ambo are 2 homeopathic drugs prepared by exposure of aqueous ethanol to x-rays and static magnetic field, respectively.Mother tinctures (MT)weresuccessively diluted with solvent 1:100 and succussed in several steps to prepare centesimal potencies 8 cH, 14 cH and 32 cH. The solvent was processed in the same way. Although identical in chemical composition (0.03 molar ethanol) and water content (96%) these preparations like the Mother tinctures and three potencies of X-ray and Magnetispoli amboexhibit different therapeutic pathological effects. Potency 8cH of each preparation was diluted with water to reach concentrations 4%, 20%, 40% and 80% ethanol. The aim of the study was to establish whether these potencies exhibited variation in free water molecules. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) of MT and potencies exhibited almost similar freezing and melting points, but they remarkably differed in freezing and melting enthalpy and free water molecules. The various dilutions of potency 8cH exhibited variation in enthalpies and free water molecules, being this variation independent of the amount of water added. We conclude that exposure of aqueous ethanol to x-rays and magnetic field, with subsequent dilution and agitation induces changes in the solvent involving free water molecules. All X-ray and Magnetispoli ambo potencies were analyzed by means of Raman spectroscopy for free water molecules. The results were compared to the ones of DSC, being more or less similar.






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