Impedance Spectrometry Research of UHD Solutions – a pilot study


  • Igor Jerman Institute Bion, Ljubljana
  • Vesna Pericek Krapež Bion Institute



UHD effects on humans are seen as placebo and the science involved as a pseudoscience, quackery. In contrast to this conviction, there abound serious researches involving plants, tissue cultures, biochemical and animal models giving strong evidence to the controversial phenomenon. There are also physicochemical investigations. We tried to investigate the possibility of molecular information transfer into a colloidal system by CYBRES EIS-MU impedance spectrometer. The results of the first pilot tests show some sensitivity of the impedance spectrometry measuring device to imprinting, but more systematic experiments should be done to evaluate its statistical significance, involving also homeopathic remedies.

Author Biography

Vesna Pericek Krapež, Bion Institute

New Water Science Department: senior researcher; Educational Department of TCAM: chief and lecturer