The importance of research on the Simile-Principle in different medical fields


  • Irene Schlingensiepen
  • Carola Schröder Institut für Wissenschaftlich Orientierte Homöopathie, Rabenhorststr.7, 13505 Berlin
  • Knut Werner
  • Susanne Diez



Backround Observation of the Simile-Principle is attributed to Hippocrates and Paracelsus. With Hahnemann’s methodological observations Homeopathy became the only medical field so far, that applies the Simile-Principle deliberately. This application is currently disputed by mainstream medicine, claiming that there is no scientific rationale for the Simile-Principle. Aim To assess if and how the Simile Priciple can be observed in biomedical research inside and outside of homeopathy. Methods In conventional medicine, we surveyed different therapeutic methods for evidence of the Simile Principle at work. In Homeopathy, we used provings and analysis of our own records from 22 years of monitoring case-takings to discover congruence between a state of illness, a healing agent and longterm clinical outcomes. We also monitored which techniques of questioning and documentation yield a high quality in provings and symptom-collections along the Simile-Principle. Results Conventional-Medicine: We will present examples for therapeutic applications of the Simile–Principle on the chemical, organ and informational level, where Like is used to treat Alike: Allergy-therapies, Vaccinations, Organ-transplants, Psychotherapy. There is no awareness of this underlying principle in Medicine. Homeopathic provings: We will show how exactness of observation, adaquateness of wording and diligence in documentation can range from few trivial symptoms up to a precise image of of the remedy-source. Like in Hahnemann´s patient Klockenbring, this resonance can even evoke information about the source within the prover or the patient. Conclusion In Homeopathy the Simile-Principle is reflected not only in symptoms induced by ingestion. The Simile-Principle to a specific source is reflected both in physical disorders, as well as in the specific perception of illness, healing and in individual talent. Basic and clinical research is needed in Homeopathy and conventional medicine to better understand the Simile-Principle. Modern methods of pattern-recognition can enhance such scientific understanding.




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